How to design printed materials for your business


Although we live in a digital age, many businesses still need to use printed materials such as posters, leaflets, and business cards. These materials need to be professionally designed and presented so that they can represent your brand to customers and clients. There are some important factors to consider when trying to create these items; for example, a Bristol website design company should consider several factors before starting a print marketing campaign.

Focus on marketing at a local level

An article in the Guardian explains that print marketing is still useful at a local level. If your business is in an industry such as retail, catering or entertainment, local posters and leaflets can be a particularly good way to promote your services. You can also run adverts in the local press, which often has a strong local readership.

Make it engaging

Your print advertising has to be interesting and/or fun to read. If it doesn’t have attention-grabbing language or graphics, people are likely to pass it by. The American Marketing Association states that print encourages people to read more of the advert than they would if they saw it online. If your advert is going in a newspaper, then it should stand out from the others on the page.

Consider the environmental impact

Print marketing has fallen out of favour slightly due to the rise in online marketing and concern over the environmental impact of wasting too much paper. The key here is to not be wasteful by creating print materials that will be seen and read rather than thrown straight in the bin! You can also consider schemes for planting trees to replace the paper you have used.

Make sure your message is clear

Bristol website designers such as Aardvark Creative know the need for your information to be clear, concise and easy to read. It can be easy for a promotional message to get lost within a large poster with lots of different graphics. Simple is often better with print marketing – if you try to include too much information, people will get bored.

Although print marketing had declined slightly in recent years, it can still be a great way to grow and promote your business. From leaflets to posters to newspaper adverts, start your print marketing campaign today.

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