The Pros And Cons Of Getting An MBA


If you are thinking of getting a BA accounting online AASCB job, you could wind up helping yourself. But there are some who think that you might be better off spending your money elsewhere. Are they right? Here are some things to consider on both sides of the coin.

Pro: You Could Help Send Your Career Trajectory on an Upward Track

A lot of companies take a close look at what those who they are considering hiring or promoting to the managerial level have in terms of accreditation. If you don’t have an MBA, you could find your progress halted much earlier than those who do have it. Do you want to move forward in your job or do you want to stay in the same position for many years and not be challenged?

If you graduate with an MBA, you significantly increase your chances of getting an upper management position, especially in a place like a Fortune 5oo company. So that could be a highly worthwhile expense that you pay to bet on yourself to be upwardly mobile.

Con: The Price 

While doing this online can be significantly cheaper than going to a physical school and having to pay for things like housing. Still, it can be a significant burden on your budget, depending on where you are in life or if you have a support system in place. This is not something that you should take lightly – you should want to see things through.

Pro: You Can Meet Some People Who Can Help You In Your Career

One thing you can do while you are doing your MBA program is networking with others. Have you found someone who shares your same passion? Who knows, you could wind up in business together. They could be a great resource if you need to reach out to them later in your career – they know what it is like to have an MBA and what it can be used for.

Con: It Can Be a Time Commitment

Again, this also has to be weighed against an in-person school and an online class, which is often done in an asynchronous manner. The first is vastly more time-consuming than the second one. But it is still something that you need to consider when you are debating whether or not to pursue it. Talk with your family or your partner to see what they think and how supportive they can be.

Pro: You Can Switch Careers

An MBA is a degree that affords you a lot of flexibility. You can look at a variety of industries. You can find more higher-paying industries than a non-MBA could. It’s possible that you could start off in something like the financial industry and move somewhere else. Having that MBA affords you that possibility. Again, this is where betting on yourself could wind up paying big for you.

Con: Where You Get Your Degree Matters to Some Companies

While many places that hire people are only concerned about one thing – can you do the job? There are others that place an emphasis on where you wound up studying and getting your MBA. Their reasoning is usually that the MBA field is a crowded one and they want to hire people who get their degrees from a very well-known school. They may not be able to get past your not attending one of those. Your reaction should be – there are a lot of jobs out there. You can find one for yourself.

Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to deciding whether you want to pursue an MBA degree. But if you do, you might be looking back years later and see it as the best choice.

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