Necessary Skills for the Successful Employment


There comes a time in everybody’s life when a person realizes the necessity to find some job or just wants to become independent and has the desire for self-fulfillment. Anyway, in any case, you need to possess certain qualities to achieve the desired result. Have you ever felt that you do not possess the “real” skills? You are not the pride owner of something and employers do not even want to take a look at your resume. If you feel that there is, at least, an element of truth in it, then this article will be useful for you.

Today we will discuss two skills that play a crucial role in your career.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most crucial skills you need to acquire. The fundamental feature of modern society is dynamic and continuous changes in the information field. The latest technological revolution launched a new industry – the information industry that is conjoint with the manufacture of technical tools, strategies, and technologies in order to obtain new knowledge. The increasing complicacy of social, economicand political activities as well as the manufacturing processes have led to, on the one hand, the growing need for knowledge, and on the other hand – to creating some contemporary means of competition. The rapid progress of information technology brings the positive results to the society and provides the improvement not only the technologies but also of human beings and their ways of thinking.

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The Essence of This Quality

Information is constantly reviewed, changed and updated. All these processes happen very rapidly. Thus, there is a need for humanity to adapt to the processes that operate within society. Under the influence of the necessity to make choices, critical thinking emerges as a very important mental tool. Only this one can help people to navigate through the modern content of information that is constantly updating as well as contributing to the process of building a new type of society.

Experts’ Opinion

Many experts say that thinking can be critical only when it is individual by its nature. People must think independently and solve even the most complex issues. Critical thinking is not obliged to be completely original. An idea or point of view of another person may be accepted as our own, because it follows our viewpoint in resolving certain issues. A person who thinks in a critical way may take into consideration someone’s point of view, but forms his own independent conclusions. Therefore, independence is the first and the most important characteristic of critical thinking.

Working up the Info

To generate a complex point of view, you need to analyze new information. It is, actually, the “raw material” which includes facts, ideas, texts, theories, data, concepts. The knowledge creates the motivation without which people cannot think critically. Critical thinking starts with asking questions and finding out the ways to solve the problems. Cognitive process characterized by the desire to find out solutions based on our own decisions. The famous American philosopher and educator John Dewey believed that critical thinking comes out when one begins to deal with a specific problem.

How to Develop This Skill

Read a lot, listen and analyze. Writing essays also contributes to this skill development. Pay attention to how people convey their point of view. Try to figure out which of their arguments are effective and which are not. During the job interview try to recall the situation when you had to consider many facts before making a decision. Explain why your solution was the best in those circumstances. Critical thinking is an essential quality that will be welcomed in every company as you are able to process a large amount of information and select the most necessary aspects.

Readiness to Learn

Sometimes you will be required to perform work that is not under your authority. According to statistics, over 30% of graduates work outside their specialization. However, this is a quite normal fact. In order to develop this skill, you need to learn something every day. Use this knowledge to improve yourself and the world around you. Be prepared for the challenges and the things that contradict your beliefs. You can also apply this skill in a resume or during the job interview. Instead of saying that you are “ready to learn” give examples of how you have completed certain courses and subjects or have mastered some disciplines at a high level.

To sum up, critical thinking and readiness to learn are some of those skills you surely need to acquire in order to be accepted on the desired position. Try to derive benefits from all the information mentioned above, as it helps you in your future career and points out the essential ways of behaving properly and according to all conditions. In the next article we discuss other qualities that you have to possess to be a worthy candidate.

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