Does cleaning up is important to stop spread of COVID-19?


Coronavirus is a pandemic which is deadly as there is very less information known to researchers and scientists. Still no vaccine is discovered for the treatment of COVID-19 affected people. After research it is confirmed that the spread of outbreak of coronavirus can only be controlled through effective and complete cleaning and disinfection.

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness which is spread through respiratory droplets and also from human touch from person to person. There is evidence of spreading the coronavirus by touching surfaces and things infected with virus. It is known that virus thrives on plastic and metallic surface for days. That is why it is recommended by health authorities to complete the two step preventive measures to prevent spread coronavirus and it requires cleaning of visible dirty places followed by decontamination. 

Coronavirus is still novel and COVID-19 cleanup service needs to consult with the centers of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for latest cleaning solutions and use CDC approved and EPA suggested disinfectants. 

By touching a surface infected with virus can lead to infection after touching your nose, mouth or eyes with your infected hand as the virus can stay for days. The scientist says that it is hard to say but it mostly depends on the temperature, humidity and type of surface to remain alive. This situation makes it essential to thoroughly clean and sanitize the frequently used things and places such as door knobs, door handles, tables, chairs, light switches, toilets, waiting areas and kitchens. Floors are infected due to frequent traffic and digital equipment like computers, remote controls and mobile phones need biohazard decontamination also. 

Deep cleaning the visible dirt from the infected surfaces and disinfecting them afterwards for days for effective results can prevent exposure and widespread of virus. 

Cleaning services are responsible for the lives of many people as well as their own and in this demanding situation they are under lot of pressure. But the techs have extensive experience in dealing with traumas and biohazard cleanup and decontamination. They are highly trained but freshly update to deal with the spread of the pandemic. They follow the protocols and latest safety advices suggested by health authorities. 

The techs from cleaning companies serve both residential and commercial buildings small or large, taking precautionary measures directed by CDC. They are fully aware of the consequences of COVID-19 because it is a contagious disease and can easily transmit to other if not following the guidance program from health authorities.

The techs from coronavirus cleaning services use disposable gloves, shoe covers and recommended respirators for their own safety. They use sanitizers regularly to sanitize and disinfect their hands and vacuum cleaners after every project. It is essential to wear protective gear. 

These professionals use high standard cleaners for frequent used places like counters, railings, elevator buttons and screening areas. They dispose of the garbage properly as biohazard waste.

They use upgraded hospital strength disinfectants in spray form, using gun shape devices. These devices cover completely every surface with disinfectants for better decontamination from COVID-19.

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