Melbourne Australia’s Gold Investments


Ask anybody about the history of Australia and they would probably relate it to gold at one point or another. This is because it is true. However, prior to that Melbourne was nothing but a backwater settlement that was dotted with tents along the Yarra river, but as soon as gold was discovered in around 1850, buildings, homes, ports, schools, hospital, bars, police station and a municipal was established within months. Gold has had this affect on mankind for ages and it has been the driving force for forming civilisation in the middle of nowhere!

Gold from Australia was being spread throughout the British Empire to sustain the foundations of the empire and to pay off its debts. More than 150 years later things have not changed much, Australia is still among the largest gold producers on the planet. If there was one place that has a large concentration of gold companies in Australia it would be in Melbourne. There are numerous precious metal dealers in the Melbourne area that cater for both individual investors as well as investment houses that are interested in buying physical gold, silver and other precious metals such as palladium and platinum in the form of bullion.

One such company is the Melbourne Gold Company, the company has established a well respected reputation for itself in the industry and is known to be one of the few companies that offer gold buyers good rates and has buyback policies for gold sellers that is difficult to compete with. The company does not just buy gold jewellery and gold bullion, but it also has an extensive range of services that include gold refining services, storage, and coin evaluation, scrap gold refining and other precious metals related services that makes it a one stop precious metals venue.

Buying gold or any other precious metals for that matter has always been considered as sound investments due to the resilience of the precious metal market during adverse economic conditions. The precious metal industry moves in the opposite direction of economies, as only when inflation is high and economies are weak does the price of precious metals increase in search of equilibrium. It is due to this fact that investors have regarded investing in precious metals as a safe haven.

Current economic conditions around the globe have given investors the jitters as uncertainty levels are worrisome and financial systems are bursting at the seams as they are starting to signs of fatigue and have begun to fracture rapidly and the ‘patch up’ jobs introduced by governments and financial institutions around the world is not holding things together as they used to a decade ago.

One thing that is certain is the fact that the world will see another massive financial meltdown and the only safe bet would be gold – physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Holding on to paper currency during the meltdown would be next to foolhardy as it won’t be long before the wave of currency devaluations spread to each and every country in the world.

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