Best HR Companies 2017: You Need To Consider These Companies If You’re Planning To Outsource HR


Without a doubt, your company’s human resources department is an integral part of your business operations. HR handles personnel management — an essential aspect of any business. Poor HR management in a company can affect the business, which, in turn, could lead to loss of revenue.

Looking for the best HR companies? Here are some of the top-notch companies that can offer outsourced HR services — and the reasons why they are the best.

Insperity: The company, bar none, is widely considered as one of the best in the business. But Insperity is perhaps best for very small businesses thanks to its wide array of HR functions, which are avail on an ala carte/per service basis. In addition to this, Insperity is also good in recruitment and assisting in employee benefits management.

Oasis Outsourcing: This company, founded in 1996, is easily one of the biggest, with over 4,700 clients. This should be endorsement enough of the quality they provide. Oasis provides services such as payroll administration, hiring assistance, and even workforce risk management. It also offers good bundles for start-up companies and small businesses.

ADP TotalSource: If you looking for the best HR companies for payroll management, then this company is the perfect fit. ADP Total Source is considered one of the best in handling payroll for companies.

Paychex: Another HR outsourcing company that offers the best service for small businesses. Paychex has packages designed specifically for companies with fewer than 50 employees; after all, small businesses have different needs compared to bigger ones.

Justworks: Apart from the usual HR functions, Justworks is a company that;s known for having access to health insurance for employees at low rates — rates that are usually given to bigger companies with more employees. They also offer benefit management for employees such as retirement plans, medical insurance, transportation benefits, disability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Landrum Human Resources: This company handles very specific HR functions and tasks such as creating job descriptions to be used for recruitment, creating employee handbooks, business development, handling employee complaints, and workforce consulting. Of course, it handles the usual HR tasks too such as payroll and taxes, medical benefits, and liability coverage.

G&A Partners: Apart from doing the usual HR functions, G&A Partners is known for employee development. This means, besides the usual hiring and recruitment, they also train employees once hired, hence developing the best workforce within the company. They can create custom plans for companies in terms of employee development.

Algentis: This is one of the best HR companies because of a very specific reason: Algentis is a virtual HR service provider for companies in their early stages — specific those with one to 10 employees. They also offer services to growth-stage companies (or companies and businesses with more 10 employees).

AccessPoint: This company is one of the best thanks to the wide range of HR services it offers, not to mention the wide range of industry it can service. As per usual, it allows companies to outsource the usual HR responsibilities such as employee benefits and payroll, among many others.

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