Printing Mistakes To Avoid


Your may be printing the same thing on your printers over and over again, but you’ll likely have to make a lot of small changes before it’s perfect. Here are some common printing mistakes to avoid:

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a print job. Some printers have trouble getting all the colors they’re supposed to get. Others use tape instead of white inkjet paper, which can make it look like the image is breaking up.

There are many ways printing can go wrong when you’re a new business, from getting the color wrong to picking the wrong typeface. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Excess ink

There’s only so much room in an ink cartridge, and printing too much can cause you to blow through a cartridge before you’ve even printed a page. You’ll end up with a ton of empty cartridges, which is an eyesore and a hassle.

Too many colours

 Printing more than two or three colours can cause your printer to run out of ink halfway through the print job, leaving you with an ugly mess on paper. It’s best to stick to black and white unless you’re producing art posters or other high-quality output that requires more colours.


 If there’s any kind of static discharge from your printer or other electrical device near it (like your computer), noise will show up on your printouts. Whether it’s static or not, the best way to prevent this is to position your printer as far away from other electronic devices as possible.

On-demand printing

This is usually good news. It’s usually cheaper than traditional printing and it’s usually pretty quick. But if you’re printing large quantities of small items, it can be hard to keep track of each copy. If your order arrives damaged or incomplete, don’t expect them to send out another one.

Printing on poor quality paper

 Cheap paper creates glare that makes your images look blurry and gives them a scratchy feel. You’ll also see a lot of ink bleed through the glossy paper, which looks terrible.

Using bad fonts

 There is an enormous variety of fonts available for both desktop publishing and web design (typefaces at, but a few are more widely used than others — Helvetica, Arial and Times New Roman are among the most popular fonts for print work. If you’re using a font that isn’t widely used in your industry or that was never intended for corporate use, people will be able to tell immediately that something is wrong with your design or artwork. Wensum print are stationary printers you can contact them for more information.

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