Who Is Responsible For My Injuries For A Slip And Fall Accident?


Most people suffer from slip and fall injuries at some point in their lives. But if you are injured on someone else’s property, then the property owner is liable to pay for the damages you suffered. Slip, falls, or trips can happen anywhere; therefore, knowing what steps you should take after the accident is essential, especially when it is not your fault. Hire a lawyer from Atlanta personal injury attorneys, who will guide you with compensation and help you fight your slip-and-fall accident case.

Who is responsible for my injuries from a slip and fail accident?

Identifying who is responsible for slip and fall injury in premises liability is challenging. You must prove that you are 49 percent or less at fault to receive compensation. But on the downside, you will only receive compensation for the amount proportionate to the fault assessed to you. In court proceedings, the judges and juries apply common sense to determine who is responsible for slip and fall injury, which is mostly the property owner. The defendant is the key to receiving compensation after the injury.

You must be able to determine that the property or business owner did not provide a safe place with reasonable care to prevent injuries to visitors. Receiving compensation will become easy if you can prove that the property’s condition was dangerous and the owner was well aware of the situation but did not repair or fix the condition. If the owner were not aware of the hazardous condition, they would not be held responsible for the injuries when any person entered the premises.

How much compensation will you receive?

The amount of compensation you deserve depends upon the damages–your medical bills, lost wages, etc. Well, it is hard to calculate compensation for pain and suffering. No law states that this person will receive Y amount of compensation for pain and suffering. If you sue the defendant, your lawyer will go through the trial, and the jury will assign an amount for the pain you suffer, assuming that you win in the case. While every case is different, the more the injuries and impact in your life, the greater your compensation for pain and suffering.

Consulting with a personal injury accident lawyer will significantly increase your decision-making process. Your attorney will explain what has happened, the merits and demerits of the case, and the legal avenues available to you.

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